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Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica and Bronze.

London, National Gallery of Art, 2018. Cm. 25x20, pag. 144, fig. a col, cart. Catalogo dell'esposizione a Londra- National Gallery of Art- Aprile, Agosto 2018.
Autore: GABBARELLI, Jamie
Lingua di pubblicazione: EN
Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
Cod: 9781848222649

Accompanying the National Gallery of Art exhibition Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica and Bronze, this catalog is the first full-length study into the multifarious influence of Renaissance prints on maiolica and bronze. Inspired by the Gallery's acquisition of the important William A. Clark collection of maiolica (glazed Italian ceramics) from the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and drawing largely on the newly expanded holdings, it offers a vivid introduction to a critical aspect of Renaissance art and the transmission over great distances of time and geography of some of the period's most famous images.

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