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Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting. Edited by Zahira Véliz. Translated by David McGrath and Zahira Véliz.

Los Angeles, Getty, 2017. Cm 25x18, pag. 165, ill in nero. Br. Traduzione del testo spagnolo: "Discursos practicables del nobilísimo arte de la pintura".
Autore: MARTINEZ, Jusepe
Editore Getty
Lingua di pubblicazione: EN
Anno di pubblicazione: 2017
Cod: 9781606065280

Jusepe Martínez’s Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting (ca. 1673–75), though little known today, was highly influential on art, artists, and artistic practice and theory in Spain long after its publication. This volume is the first English translation of the Discourses, which, while circulated in manuscript copies, was not even published until the mid-nineteenth century.

Martínez wrote the Discourses toward the end of his life as a well-traveled professional artist who had studied and worked in Italy and the major artistic and literary centers of Spain; his ideas were especially enriched by his participation in the elevated cultural life of his native Aragonese school. His discussions on art offer anecdotal knowledge from his friendships with many of the principal artists of Spain’s Golden Age, including Diego Velázquez and Alonso Cano, as well as writers and intellectuals of the period.

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