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Porphyry. Red Imperial Porphyry. Power and Religion. Rosso Imperiale Potere e Religione. Revised and Expanded Second Edition

Torino, Allemandi, 2018. Cm. 34x25, pp. 331, figg. a col. e in nero n. t., cart. e sovrac. Second Edition. Prima 2012.
Autore: DEL BUFALO, Dario.
Editore Allemandi
Lingua di pubblicazione: en
Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
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Cod: 9788842224280

This monograph looks at the stone material par excellence of the Roman Empire, the most expensive in the Edict of Diocletian: Red Egyptian Porphyry. Starting from the study of this marble, the author traces the history, art, architecture and historiography that over the course of two millennia have recounted the political, artistic, religious and symbolic values of Porphyry. The might of this study, in addition to its historical and photographic components, lies in the corpus of almost 1.000 profiles on porphyry objects, more than half of which are previously unpublished.

English Edition Including Italian Texts.

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