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China. A history in objects.

London, Thames & Hudson, 2017. Cm 25x18, pag. 351, ill a colori. Cart e sovracc a fig.
écrivain: HARRISON-HALL, Jessica
Editeur Thames & Hudson
Langage de publication: EN
products.year: 2017
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Référence: 9780500519707

This illustrated introduction to the history of China offers a fresh understanding of China’s progress from the Neolithic age to the present. Told in six chapters arranged chronologically, through art, artifacts, people, and places, and richly illustrated with expertly selected objects and artworks, it firmly connects today’s China with its internationally engaged past.

From the earliest archaeological relics and rituals, through the development of writing and state, to the advent of empire, the author charts China’s transformation from ancient civilization into the world’s most populous nation and influential economy, offering historical insights and cultural treasures along the way. This accessible book presents an eclectic mix of materials including Chinese theater, the decorative arts, costume, jewelry, and furniture-making, running through to the most recent diffusion of Chinese culture.

650 illustrations

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