Votre panier est vide.

A Translator's Defense. Edited by Myron Mc Shane.

Cambridge (Mass.)-London, Harvard University Press, 2016. Cm. 21x13, pp. xxxviii-306, tela e sovrac
écrivain: MANETTI, Giannozzo.
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products.year: 2016
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.Giannozzo Manetti (1396–1459) was an Italian diplomat and a celebrated humanist orator and scholar of the early Renaissance. Son of a wealthy Florentine merchant, he turned away from a commercial career to take up scholarship under the guidance of the great civic humanist, Leonardo Bruni. Like Bruni he mastered both classical Latin and Greek, but, unusually, added to his linguistic armory a command of Biblical Hebrew as well. He used his knowledge of Hebrew to make a fresh translation of the Psalms into humanist Latin, a work that implicitly challenged the canonical Vulgate of St. Jerome.