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University of Toronto Press

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(RE)VISUALIZING NATIONAL HISTORY. Museums and National Identities in Europe in the New Millennium. Editet by Robin Hostow.

Toronto-Buffalo-London, University of Toronto Press, 2008. In-8¡, pp. 228, figg. in nero n. t., tela e sovrac.
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Baroque Visual Rhetoric.


Toronto-Buffalo-London, 2016. Cm. 23x16, pp. xii-272, figg. in nero n. t., tela e sovrac.

Intricate, expressive, given to grandeur and even excess, Baroque art as a style is inseparable from the meanings it seeks to convey. Vernon Hyde Minor’s Baroque Visual Rhetoric probes this combination of style and message and – equally importantly – the methodological basis on which the critical art historian comes to establish that meaning. Drawing on a breathtaking range of critical literature, from the German founders of art history as an academic discipline to Heidegger, Derrida, and de Man, Minor considers the issue through a series of Baroque masterpieces: Bernini’s Baldacchino  St. Peter’s Basilica, the statues in the church of San Giovanni in Laterano, Borromini’s church of Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Baciccio’s frescoes in the church of Il Gesù, the paintings of Philippe de Champaigne, and the Corsini Chapel in San Giovanni in Laterano


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Legitimizing the Artist. Manifesto Writing and European Modernism 1885-1915.


Toronto, 2003. In-8¡, pp. viii-296, tela e sovrac.

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Medici Women. Portraits of Power, Love, and Betrayal from the Court of Duke Cosimo I.


Toronto-Buffalo-London, 2006. In-8¡, pp. xv-372, tavv. 16 a col. e ill. 65 in nero f. t., br.

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The Christ Child in Medieval Culture: Alpha es et O! Edited by Mary Dzon and Theresa M. Kenney.

Toronto-Buffalo-London, University of Toronto Press, 2015. Cm. 23x16, pp. xxii-349, figg. in nero n. t., br.
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The Unfinished Mechanics of Giuseppe Moletti. An Edition and English Translation of His Dialogue on Mechanics, 1576.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2000. In-8¡, pp. viii-222, figg. in nero n. t., tela e sovrac.
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The Malcove Collection. A Catalogue of the objects in the Lillian Malcove Collection of the University of Toronto.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1997. In-8¡, pp. x-421, tavv. 8 a col. f. t. e figg. in nero n. t., br.
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The Lee collection

Toronto, University of Toronto, 1949. Cm. 15x20, pag. 15, 12 tav. in nero, br.
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THE OPERA OF BARTOLOMEO SCAPPI (1570). L'ARTE ET PRUDENZA D'UN MAESTRO CUOCO. Translated with commentary by Terence Scully.

Toronto Buffalo London, University of Toronto Press, 2011. Cm. 23x15, pp. 787, figg. 27 in nero n. t., br.
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Between Renaissance and Baroque. Jesuit Art in Rome, 1565-1610.

Toronto-Buffalo-London, Universy Of Toronto Press, 2003. Cm. 25x17. pp. xi-406, ill. 120 in nero f. t., tela.
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ITALIAN MODERNISM. Italian Culture between Decadentism and Avant-Garde.

Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2004. In-8¡, pp. xxviii-459, figg. in nero n. t., br.
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