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Walter Padovani

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A secrétaire by Theodor Commer with panels containing wax figures by Caspar Bernhard Hardy.

Milano, Walter Padovani, 2016. Cm. 28x21, pag. 136, fig. a col, br.
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Giovanni Baratta: due modelli fiorentini in terracotta.

Milano, Walter Padovani, 2010. Cm. 28x21, pp. 96, figg. a col. e in nero n. t., br.
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Cristoforo Solari and Milan Cathedral: new works

Milano, Walter Padovani, 2018. Cm. 25x28, pag. 79, fig. a col, br.
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Firenze, Walter Padovani Antiquario, 2001. Cm. 17x24, pag. 47, fig. a col e in nero, br.
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