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The Invention of the American Art Museum. From Craft to Kulturgeschichte, 1870-1930.

Los Angeles, Getty, 2016. Cm. 26x21, pp. vii-248, figg. 118 in nero n. t., tela e sovrac.
Autor: CURRAN, Kathleen.
Hersteller Getty
Sprache: en
Jahr: 2016
Am Lager
Artikelnummer: 9781606064788

American art museums share a mission and format that differ from those of their European counterparts, which often have origins in aristocratic collections. This groundbreaking work recounts the fascinating story of the invention of the modern American art museum, starting with its roots in the 1870s in the craft museum type, which was based on London' s South Kensington (now the Victoria and Albert) Museum. At the turn of the twentieth century, American planners grew enthusiastic about a new type of museum and presentation that was developed in Northern Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.