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Christen Kobke. Danish Master of Light.

New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2010. Cm. 27x23, pp. 128, ill. 86 a col. n. t., tela e sovrac. Catalogo della mostra: Londra, National Gallery, 2010.
Autor: JACKSON, David.
Sprache: en
Jahr: 2010
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Artikelnummer: 9780300166637

Christen Kobke (1810-1848) was arguably the greatest painter of Denmark's Golden Age, the period of the nation's supreme artistic achievement. He had the remarkable ability to invest the simplest corner of town or countryside with charm and delicacy, and endowed ordinary people and places, and simple motifs, with a universal significance; a world in microcosm. This book discusses Kobke's achievement and also highlights the most innovative aspects of his work including his fascination with light and atmosphere, his exquisite originality and his experimental outlook.

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