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A Catalogue of Russian Avant-Garde Books 1912-1934 and 1969-2003.

London, The British Library, 2006. In-8¡, pp. 202, ill. 64 in nero f. t., tela.
Autor: HELLYER, Peter W.
Hersteller The British Library
Sprache: en
Jahr: 2006
Nicht am Lager
Artikelnummer: 9780712308991

The British Library holds an extensive collection of twentieth century Russian avant-garde books. The first edition of this catalogue provided access to the Library's futurist and constructivist books. This has become a standard reference tool for libraries, booksellers and researchers in the identification of this material. With nearly 400 additional entries, the second edition includes supplements of newly identified and recently acquired items, revised author/artist and title indexes, illustrations and English translations of titles.

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